Friday, September 18, 2009

Heather & Sean's Wedding at The Waterfront in Tempe Arizona !

Heather & Sean's wedding took place at Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix with the reception at The Waterfront in Tempe, Arizona on Saturday, May 16, 2009.

What a fun, emotional wedding it was!

The Trinity Cathedral church was also the location of Heather's Grandmother's wedding 64 years before and her mom's wedding 32 years ago. The three generation portrait (above) was taken on the stairs where portraits had been taken at previous two weddings.

What a beautiful memory to have. I can just imagine what Grandma and mom remember through the coarse of Heather's wedding.

The Tarr brothers of Jason & Shaun along with Scott Briggs were our photographers from Fresh Look Images on this very special day. It took three of us to photograph it because so much was going on we did not want to miss anything!

Heather's mom Cheryl is also a caterer but left that day's preparation and cooking to her friend Wendy at Farrelli's Cinema Supper Club & Catering.

Our three photographers said that was some of the best food they have ever had a wedding. That is saying alot because of all the weddings they photograph. Cheryl's (Heathers mom) job that day and the months before was to plan out and organize her daughters wedding. What a labor of love that was! As all of you who have ever coordinated a wedding very well know.

Great job Cheryl!!

The brides cousin, Erin was also the Hair Designer that day. What a talented family! You will be able to see all her work in the slide show link below.

The photo above is Heather & Sean's mom's dancing. Go get em girls!

The Waterfront in Tempe is one of our favorite reception site because it reminds us of being in New England on the ocean. What ambiance!

We have made a very wonderful slide show of this wedding with music for you to view by clicking here: Heather & Sean's Wedding Slide Show


A list of participating vendors at this wedding are listed below.

Vendors at Heather & Sean's Wedding.
Catering - Farrelli's Cinema Supper Club & Catering
Wendy Farrelli 480-905-7200 -

Photography - Jason, Shaun and Scott - Fresh Look Images
Jason Tarr 480-838-4236 -

DJ - Ray the DJ
Ray Grace 480-921-9665 -

Reception Site - The Waterfront, Tempe, Arizona

Ceremony - Trinity Cathedral - Phoenix, Arizona
Ice Sculptures - Armitage Ice
Mark 602-770-0064 -
Limousine - Desert Rose Limousines

Hair Designs - by Erin Romley

Flowers - Fordyce Flowers
Regina - 480-289-4000

Invitations - Papercrazy
Joanie Guidry 602-234-0184

Cheryl Hamati - Tasteful Entertaining 602-923-0329

Waterfront wedding reception Tempe Arizona Fresh Look Images wedding photography by Jason and John Tarr Photographer
posted by Fresh Look Images at


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